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How Feminism has Changed Over Time  

There are many different types of feminism such as global feminism, western feminism, and even queer feminism. Feminism is defined as the advocacy for women’s rights based on your gender or sex. But why does it matter? 

Here’s why; feminism matters because a lot of people over the years have fought for women’s rights such as women fighting for the right to vote, the right to equal wages, the right to be equal based on race along with gender, and also the right to even enter the workplace. Even though we have all of those things now, feminism has changed a lot over the years from the original meaning of fighting for women’s rights.  

Feminism also used to be almost exclusively straight, upper class, white women. Now, feminism is open to anyone and everyone who would like to stand up and fight for women’s rights and be an advocate for women. Western Feminism (Feminism in the Western world) is still exclusive to just women in the Western world but is overall more inclusive than global feminism.  

Global feminism includes every one in the world and is generally more inclusive than western feminism, since it doesn’t involve just the Western World and involves every one of every race, culture, and gender across the world. Even though under both, gender would have had to have been strictly female for it to count as feminism.  

One thing that has been a huge change for feminism is allowing anyone of any gender to be allowed to be a part of feminism. In both scenes of feminism, queers and trans people, even men, weren’t exactly “allowed” or “accepted” into many feminism movements.  

Today feminism is more about inclusivity and including everyone in feminism. An example of this would be queer and trans feminism. It wasn’t until just recently in history that gays and trans people began to be truly accepted by the public.

As mentioned before, a big difference between old feminism and new feminism is that gays and trans people are involved. This is huge because they too are women and they too have beliefs of equality for women. They are no longer excluded from feminism, like they were before, and this also shows that they are also more widely accepted in society, as well.  

Feminism movements started out as started by women for women, even though there were many more people who weren’t exactly women (like men) who were all for women’s rights back in the day when the movement was first starting. Today though, anyone can be a feminist as long as they generally believe in women’s rights and equality for women.  

The advancements that have been made in feminism are of great importance, because it shows how far we have come as a society and how we have evolved as a society as well. Feminism has been around for centuries dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, but before then, women were still treated as objects.  

It wasn’t until the last couple hundred years or so that women have been treated as actual human beings as opposed to objects. This leads to many more feminism movements with women being treated so poorly. Naturally women want to speak out and make their ideas and what should be their rights heard.  

This shows that society has grown a lot over the centuries, and that we have come to be more accepting of people and have learned to be more inclusive. Feminism has that effect on people and all of those just shows how drastically feminism has changed over time.  

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