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John Wick Review

Reeves Reprise
Keanu Reeves reprises his role in John Wicks 4. Attribution: Graphic taken from https://in.ign.com/john-wick-chapter-4/180726/review/john-wick-chapter-4-review

John Wick Chapter 4 is, as you may have guessed, the fourth installment of the John Wick movie series.

In this installment, John Wick fights against members of the High Table to finally be free from conflict. 

As far as action movies go, this has been one of the most exciting rides I have been on.

Another movie franchise favorite of mine is The Fast and Furious, and although I enjoy most of them, a few of their installments could learn a thing or two from John Wick.

John Wick is action-packed and well paced. The story itself is decent. Not many action movies focus on a story as much as they do the action. Rent the first John Wick film for a view, you will gain an understanding of why John Wick responds to his adversaries the way he does, and for an action film the formula is appropriate.

I was pleased with how balanced the story is.

Is this the the final installment of the John Wick films? If it is, John Wick 4 closes a saga on a very satisfying note. 

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