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Burger King: Royally Disgusting

A review by CJ Sweet, former Burger King employee
Grilled burger on bun.

Since 1954, Burger King has been a staple in American fast-food. Throughout that time it has become the fifth largest fast-food chain in the world. However, after almost 70 years, BK remains an unorganized disappointment that has left me feeling like a medieval peasant, rather than a king.

As of April 2023, there are 7,257 BK stores across the United States, which means no matter where you go, you are likely to encounter one. Like the name implies, Burger King specializes in burgers and other sandwiches. They also served burritos, and tacos for a short, horrifying promotion, and ribs are served in some parts of the world.

Although BK likes to throw random menu items at the wall in an attempt to stay relevant, avoid those items at all costs, and here’s why: First, let’s look at their Whopper, which boasts that it is “America’s Favorite Burger”. This statement is a case of false advertising, as I, a proud American, dislike the Whopper sandwich. The Whopper tastes like wet dog food salad on a sesame seed bun. Its biggest problem is the flame-broiled beef patty.

As a former BK employee, I can confirm that there is NO seasoning put on the patties, giving it a signature “nothing” taste. What could be worse than a bland beef patty? Two or three, of course!

No burger is complete without a side of hot, crispy fries. However, in the case of BK, the fries are flaccid and lukewarm, if you’re lucky. One fry out of the batch is guaranteed to be so salty or extremely bland that when you taste it, you will wish you were never born.

Does Burger King have anything good? Yes, actually their milkshakes and hand-breaded crispy chicken Ch’King sandwiches are a favorite of mine. Of course, there is a catch, the ice cream machine inevitability breaks down an hour or two before closing time, and honestly, drinking a Burger King milkshake before 10 pm is nowhere near as satisfying. As for the chicken sandwich, it has been taken off the menu. Is there no hope for me in this cruel world?

Fast food restaurants are not exactly peak cuisine. You should only get fast food when you need fast, inexpensive food. No need to wait long in line at Burger King, because no one in their right mind would be there in the first place.

Just when you think the cards are finally in Burger King’s favor, they blow it with ludicrous prices. A single Whopper costs $7.39, and an upsell to a double Whopper will cost you 9 hard-earned American dollars. In comparison, a Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s costs $6.59, a more reasonable price for a sandwich of similar size. I am not saying McDonald’s is the better tasting burger, but they are less expensive.

Owens Community College Student Russell Gronbach, a customer of Burger King’s poor service, said, “My family and I went to Burger King and ordered 4 Big King sandwiches. We were served 4 double cheeseburgers instead. Weeks after that happened, my cousin’s fiancé and I went to Burger King and I ordered the Big King meal. I opened the bag and was disappointed to find a Whopper and fries! I was hungry and didn’t have her return to the drive-thru window to correct the order. I was so annoyed, I ate the Whopper. But honestly, it wasn’t that great.”

If you are hungry, and see the Burger King sign, consider other options. Because until BK improves the quality of their food and customer service, this peasant will stay away.

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Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas, Faculty Advisor
Rob Thomas is an Owens Community College Fine and Performing Arts faculty member. He is the Broadcast Media and Technology assistant professor and advisor for the Owens OutComm Student Media Center. Before coming to instruct full time at Owens Community College, Rob served several years with the YMCA of Greater Toledo within their marketing and communications department, promoting the organization to staff, members, volunteers, community collaborators, media, and the  community at large. Prior to his career with the Y, Rob spent 18 years in the broadcast industry as air talent and production director for Clear Channel (now known as iHeart Media) that included Toledo radio stations 92.5 Kiss FM, (WVKS), 101.5 The River (WRVF), FM 104 WIOT, 1230 AM-WCWA and 1370 AM-WSPD. Rob is a multimedia producer and content creator, utilizing his skills to help not-for-profit and for-profit businesses increase their awareness to the audience they serve. Clients Rob has worked with include Car Stereo One, The Erie Shores Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Jeffrey Mann Fine Jewelers, Stone Oak Business Condominiums, The Toledo Diocese Office of Black Catholic Ministry, the Sylvania Northview Wildcat Marching Band, and most recently OhioMeansJobs LucasAdvisor County. Rob earned a Bachelors degree in Radio-Television Production with emphasis on Broadcast Script Writing from Ohio University (Athens, Ohio). His hobbies and interests include improv, science fiction, radio plays, collecting sound effects, making short films, and hosting the Classic Rock Lunch, heard Thursdays from noon until 1 pm on OutCast, OCCR – Owens Community College Radio. Rob also volunteers his time and talent to the community in various ways, including mentoring local elementary school students for their televised closed-circuit morning announcements, tutoring students and serving on committees for his church. Rob is the former voice of the Sylvania Northview High School Wildcats Marching Band and announced the music selections during pre-game and half-time performances. He also served on the Harbor, Inc. board of trustees.

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