Owens appoints Lisa L. Nagel

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Owens appoints Lisa L. Nagel General Counsel and Executive Director of Labor Relations and Interim V.P. of Human Resources

Owens Community College has appointed Lisa L. Nagel, J.D., to the position of general counsel and executive director of Labor Relations.  In that role, she will oversee all legal matters related to the College, including litigation, employee and labor relations, and coordination and administration of contracts.  The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has also designated Nagel as an assistant attorney general.

Owens is also pleased to appoint Nagel to the position of interim vice president of Human Resources. In that role, she will provide strategic and operational oversight for all human resources matters, along with fulfilling any necessary and related labor needs.

Since August, 2015, Nagel served as law director for the City of Napoleon.  In that position, she provided leadership for all legal-related decision making and advice for the City, the Mayor and seven City Council members.

Prior to her work with the City of Napoleon, Nagel was an equity partner with Robison, Curphey & O’Connell, LLC law firm in Toledo, Ohio, and was an associate attorney at Fuller & Henry, Ltd., a former Toledo, Ohio law firm.  She is also currently an adjunct instructor in the Department of Management at the University of Toledo.

Nagel earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Toledo, College of Law.

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