Alecia Thompson
My skill-set and industry expertise are comprehensive and up-to-date. I make it my top priority to see that each job is done well and efficiently. My career has also seen its share of achievements; while working as a professional photographer for many years and a treasure for the Owens Community College Photo Club. I believe myself to be a good team player and very adventurist for any task that may come up. I believe a team is founded on teamwork, loyalty and trust. With these three things makes a stronger base. I have learned ever job has their ups and downs but the best way it to pick yourself up.

Then learn how to overcome and obstacle. One of my highest goals for each job I meet face to face with is to show how passionate the people I work with and how amazing they are. This led to a great time and less stress on my team. This in turn works into a great relationship and future for greater teamwork. I believe my experiences make me an excellent fit for different tasks. I have been an active commercial art technology student for a few years. During my time as a college student we all work as a team and understand how to overcome different tasks.

Alecia Thompson, Buisness Manager

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