Can America break out of the two-party system?

By Janelle Smith, Contributor

October 10, 2016

The two-party system of Democrats and Republicans has dominated for the better part of the last century. Before this domination we saw the rise and fall of many other political parties. The Constitution did not set up or put limits...

A new understanding

A new understanding

November 17, 2015

Rare Disease Day… don’t judge a book…

By Miranda Wagner, Columnist

March 10, 2015

In honor of Rare Disease Day, that took place on February 28, many of those suffering from a rare or "invisible" disease took to social media to express their desire to expand knowledge on such diseases as well as offer simple...

Brian Williams admits to lie on national television

By Miranda Wagner, Columnist

February 21, 2015

Recently, Brian Williams admitted to a lie he had conjured in 2003. Over the course of the years, his comments had dug him deeper and deeper into that lie. What does that say about his credibility or NBC News for that matter?...

Toledo’s first African American female Mayor

By Joslyn Reisinger, Columnist

February 17, 2015

Throughout the years there has been much controversy about female political leaders. The biggest being Hillary Clinton running for president in 2008. In a similar, but more local situation the mayor of Toledo, Michael D Collins...

Veterans need us more than athletes

By Amanda Aylwin, Sports Editor

November 11, 2014

Every day I see signs, bumper stickers, even t-shirts that say “Support the Troops.” But what is really being done to support them? Then I see signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts, among many other things, showing 'support'...

Koenigsfeld: Get professionals’ help with anxiety

By Stephen Koenigsfeld, Guest Opinion writer

September 22, 2014

A week after the riot during Veishea, I entered the Iowa State Daily newsroom like I had every day for the past three years. I came in, sat down at my desk and plugged in a USB flash drive into the back of my computer. Then it ...