Wondering Questions of the students

By Kiki Draper, Reporter

February 9, 2015

Owens Student Government held their monthy town hall meeting in College Hall 100 on Wed., Jan. 21. The meeting was run by Nick Calmes, Student Government President, Adren Burkes, Student Government Secretary, Chris Giordano, Dean...

A day of loss for Toledo and the Collins family

By Janelle Smith, News Editor

February 6, 2015

On Sun. Feb. 1 Toledo mayor D. Michael Collins went into cardiac arrest while driving on Hill Ave. near Parkside Blvd. causing him to hit a pole. Evelyn Johnson and Andra Crisp saw the car off the road and stopped to help. They...

Breaking news: Toledo Mayor Michael Collins dies at the age of 70

By Katie Buzdor, Editor In Chief

February 6, 2015

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins was taken off of life support today.  He had been at the University of Toledo Medical Center for the past five days due to a cardiac arrest happening while he was driving.  According to a press...

Attention students: We need you

February 4, 2015

Make your opinion heard. Now hiring: Cartoonist Columnists Critics Photographers Reporters Videographers Pick up an application in the Outlook office (Law Enforcement Building LE 152) Or email your resume to Katie Buzdor at [email protected] -Include a c...

The 4 Seas of the 7 Elements and 2 Bridges

By TJ Barney, Assistant EIC/ Web Master

January 26, 2015

-This poem is also a riddle.  The answer is below the poem. 1 North burns the way. 1-1 The power so rash in blaze of glory 1-2 Dark is viewed though light shine through 1-3 Color spread wild behold the eye 1-4 So breat...

Poem of the week: In and out

By Kristina Irizarry, Contributor

January 19, 2015

In and out of hospitals. Never knowing what to say or do. I was scared. Wouldn"t anyone else be to? Never wanting anyone near or close. Not realzing until now. It was others I needed the most.

Fight to Time

By TJ Barney, Assistant EIC/ Web Master

January 13, 2015

The blades cross like an erupting volcanoe Sparks fly from clashing steel. He looks down upon his chest To see the reflection of life. A story to tell, a soul so young For the past is set forth. On his knee but eye to eye Now...

Owens receives national recognition for community engagement

By Jared C. Meade, Manager, Public and Media Relations

January 12, 2015

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has selected Owens Community College for its 2015 Community Engagement Classification. “Community engagement is a major component to the success of students, as well...