Owens PR manager talks Owens athletics, Smith reinstated

By Kyle Brown, Sports editor

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“Any student-athlete that has a signed letter of intent, that letter would be honored. Meaning if the sport has been suspended they would still be able to come to school here under that scholarship. Scholarships are only given for one academic year, so this affects approximately 20 students.”

This direct quote came from Owens Community College Public and Media Relations manager Jared C. Meade.

The Outlook reached out to Meade to get more information regarding the sports issues that came to light last week. In the email, we spoke of the players and continuing their schooling at Owens, the future of the suspended programs, what caused three programs to be cut, and softball head coach Marcus Smith.

Meade would go on to say the following:

“At this time there was been no discussion about un-suspending any teams. I am unable to speak to what the future may hold, but those decisions would have to be made at that time.

When Owens first announced being placed on fiscal watch, Owens President Dr. Mike Bower and the administration mentioned that we would have to look at all operations of the college and that some hard decisions would have to be made. While the decision to suspend men’s golf and Men and Women’s soccer was a hard decision, it was one that needed to be made in order to assist in building Owens financial health.”

On commenting on Smith, Meade said, “What I can tell you about Coach Marcus Smith is that he has been reinstated and that human resources took a look at the concerns brought forward regarding his performance and found that no policies had been violated.”

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