Kidney disease: do you know the symptoms?

By Kyle Brown, Assistant sports editor

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Participants gather in the first floor registration area before the event begins. Photo by: Kyle Brown

“We are here to promote good health and to be happy!” Those are the words of Dr. Da Rocha, a guest speaker at the 13th annual Kilometers for Kidneys walk at the Huntington Center in Toledo.

According to The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio’s site, “The Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio’s Kilometers for Kidneys Walk is a non-competitive, fundraising walk focusing on education and prevention of kidney disease. The walk presents an occasion for dialysis patients, families, transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, renal professionals and the general public to celebrate life and create lasting community advocacy and long-term support for KFNWO’s mission.”

The site goes on to say, “The walk is designed to help people understand the need for early detection of kidney disease. Because symptoms may not appear until the kidneys are actually failing, many people do not take steps to protect the health of their kidneys.”

KTB kidneywalk4

During opening ceremonies, Captain America tosses a ball up to people in the seats to catch right before the walk began. Photo by: Kyle Brown

Da Rocha was one of three speakers in the opening ceremonies that took place on the ice of the Huntington Center. He spoke of the risk factors of kidney disease, which included smoking, blood pressure and cholesterol and made it clear we should make an effort to continually see physicians for check ups.

The events main Dj, Riz spoke of his family and friends that had recently passed from a kidney related disease. He was followed by CJ and Sister Mary Ann Culpert. CJ recently had a kidney transplant and the event was in his honor.

After some giveaways, everyone involved was set free to begin walking for the event.

The “kids zone” seemed to be a huge hit as adults and kids were able to dance and sing for walkers, and in result, the vendor would donate money. Kids could get their face painted, do some arts and crafts, and color at a coloring table.

Other vendors were lined up along the second floor for walkers to stop by and browse.

If the participants got hungry, a Subway booth was available giving away free food.

Lou O., a participant in the event, commented that “The event was very helpful in raising awareness, and even talked me into becoming an organ donor!” She also stated, “It really is nice to get out here and see family and friends out together supporting a good cause.”

The event was to promote good health and raise awareness. If you would like more information on kidney disease, the early signs, symptoms, and how you can help, go to

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